This repository contains specifications and other documentation related to DocBook. These are generally requirements, background papers, and working drafts.


“Transclusion” describes the process by which one document incorporates another by reference. In XML, this is most commonly done with XInclude. The presence of IDs and ID/IDREF links in an XML document complicates the transclusion process. Transcluding a document or fragment (for example, a warning or procedure) more than once may introduce multiple elements with the same ID. That, in turn, makes IDREF links to those IDs more complicated.

The transclusion specification describes a relatively light-weight mechanism by which a document author can automatically transform IDs and IDREFs to resolve duplicate IDs and clarify the linking relationships.

DocBook Transclusion

The syntax, semantics, and processing model for the DocBook transclusion mechanism.

Requirements for transclusion in DocBook

A summary of uses-cases for transclusion of content in DocBook documents.

ISO 690 Bibliographies

Back before 2012, Jana Dvořáková published a description of how to encode ISO 690 bibliographies in DocBook. Web searching will find links to it on the (now defunct) DocBook wiki from back in the early 2000’s.

By 2012, that wiki link had broken. It’s been recovered and published here.

Bibliography according to ISO 690 and ISO 690-2 standards

DocBook examples adapted from ISO 690 and ISO 690-2 standards.

It’s been very lightly edited and updated for DocBook 5.x.